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Story of Phara and Christopher
The Story of Phara and Christopher
Phara's and Christopher's ... a unique setting ... a unique story

Mother and Son ... Phara lost her precious son Christopher September 2004. Phara is dedicating the restaurant to her son in order to leave a legacy in his name ... Christopher was born with Cystic Fibrosis and was a double lung transplant recipient. Christopher's transplant was a beautiful success with Christopher constantly commenting how good it felt to breathe without trying to breathe. Due to unfortunate circumstances Christopher lost his life ... Due to the success of his double lung transplant his doctors made him a mentor for other transplant recipients. Christopher was able to help three other transplant recipients during his short life. Christopher struggled to breathe all his life but he never left his illness stop him or keep him from working. He never complained and was always there for his buddy or friend. Christopher was unique ...

On behalf of her son Christopher, Phara will hold fundraisers periodically for Cystic Fibrosis and transplant patients and donate the proceeds to those in need of special care ... Before Christopher died he started a business titled "Texas Made." Phara will carry on his business name by starting a foundation called ... "Christopher's Texas Made Foundation."